• Long Term Rental by Voi gives you unlimited access to your own, personal electric e-scooter. These are perfect if you enjoy our Voi e-scooters on a regular basis, and would love to have one to call your own. The service is currently only available West of England and Oxford.

  • 1. Register your interest

    Register your interest by choosing your location, we’ll ask for a few personal details to approve your rental. You must have a valid Voi account to redeem this product.

    See available locations 
  • 2. Book a delivery

    Once your rental has been agreed, we’ll then call or email you to arrange a delivery date. On delivery we’ll give you a quick e-scooter demo and answer any questions you may have.

  • 3. Unlock and Voi!

    In order to start your rental you must enter a unique code provided into the app, this will unlock the e-scooter and away you go!