Instructions for Long Term Rentals

Great news that your Long Term Rental from Voi has been confirmed, and soon you will have your very own e-scooter delivered to your home.

Here are all the details you need to know about how your Voi works, road safety guidance and other hints and tips to make the most out of your e-scooter.

  • Unlimited rides

  • Total flexibility

    Rent for two months or more

  • Access to a brilliant Voi V3X e-scooter

  • A welcoming pack

    Including e-scooter lock, safety booklet and helmet

  • One Voi 3-pin charger

  • 24/7 customer support

Caring for your e-scooter

We’ve created the following videos as a visual aid to help you properly care for the e-scooter during your rental.
Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to charge and maintain the e-scooter.

How to charge the e-scooter

1. Locate the e-scooter's neck, above the sticker, remove the rubber grommet to expose the charge port. Plug the Voi charger in.
Please note you must use the Voi charger provided, failing to do so may pose a risk of fire.

2. The LED light on the charger brick will turn red to indicate it is charging.

3. The e-scooter will take between 1 - 3 hours to fully recharge.

4. Once the LED light on the charger brick turns green, this indicates that the e-scooter is fully charged.

5. Simply turn off the plug at the socket, remove the charger from the e-scooter and replace the rubber grommet.

  • You should charge your e-scooter if the battery charging levels are at 15% or below. To charge the Voi e-scooter you need to use the provided battery charger. No other battery charger should be used.

  • The battery charge needs to be supervised: please unplug the e-scooter from charging if you are leaving the house, leave the room where your scooter is charging or when you are going to bed.

  • Always charge indoors. It’s forbidden to charge the e-scooter outdoors, particularly if it’s raining, as this may result in water damage.

  • Do not charge the scooter near sources of heat such as heaters or others. Doing so may lead to overheating, bursting open or ignition.

  • The e-scooter should be stored and charged at temperatures between 0°C - 40°C.

  • Your Voi e-scooter should never block emergency exits while being charged or stored.

How to maintain the e-scooter

At least once per week, we recommend that riders:

1. Check the functionality of e-scooters brakes (both the front and rear brakes).

2. Check the neck and handlebar of the scooter feels secure and sturdy.

3. Cosmetic damage isn’t a cause for concern, but any loose parts or obvious defects should be promptly reported to

4. Ensure the kickstand functions correctly. If the e-scooter is unable to stand up on its own please contact us It is vital to always leave the e-scooter parked upright in a position that doesn’t cause obstruction.

  • Keep it clean (household anti-bacterial wipes will do the trick).

  • Avoid storing the e-scooter outside, especially in the rain or subzero temperatures.

  • Start every ride by checking the brakes and battery level

You must not use the scooter if there are any noticeable issues (such as, visible damage to the scooter’s wheels, brakes, lights or frame, battery level problems, signs of unusual or excessive wear of any kind.

How to maintain video

How to store the e-scooter

Store the e-scooter in a safe and secure location inside your home overnight.

If you need to park the e-scooter on the street during the day, please be considerate of other pedestrians and road users. This includes parking in a way that does not obstruct footpaths or other public areas and always leaving it upright using the parking stand.

Charge your e-scooter indoors to minimise the risk of water damage.

Please note our e-scooter is quite heavy, 32kg in fact! If your home is accessed by stairs or steps then a Long Term Rental may not be appropriate for you given the risks associated with carrying such a heavy item. If you just have one step, however, one great option is to buy a kerb wedge. We have a partnership with Speed Bumps Direct for these and just enter VOI20 at checkout to claim a 20% discount.

How to park the e-scooter

LTR riders have added flexibility - you do not have to park in the Mandatory Parking Zones but do park with thought:

Keep it neat. Place your scooter parallel and close to a wall, in a scooter rack, or within a designated parking zone. When in doubt, a good tip is to park your scooter next to obstacles that already exist.

Don’t block the pavement. Always leave at least two metres free and be sure not to obstruct the path of pedestrians.

Don’t block traffic. Consider if your parking will work for everyone else. Don’t park in the way of other vehicles and keep roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings free.


Please note: the e-scooter must not fall below 15% battery level, if it does, you may not be able to ride your e-scooter. If this happens, please email us immediately on asap.

If your e-scooter stops mid-ride, please safely leave the road you are riding on and do not attempt to ride the e-scooter again until you have spoken to our User Support team.

You will be charged a £25 penalty if we have to recover your e-scooter.

If you notice anything that does not look safe or have any further questions, please do not ride the e-scooter and report this to our User Support team as soon as possible via email: