Locations and registration

Working in close collaboration with our town and city councils, we have launched Long Term Rental schemes in the West of England and Oxford.

West of England

If you live within the Voi operating zone for the West of England, which includes Bristol and Bath, you can register for a Long Term Rental. This area has been agreed by the West of England Combined Authority and we are delighted to welcome you on board, joining our very vibrant Voiagers in the west country.

Long Term Rental fee for West of England: £40 per month



Voi works closely In partnership with Oxford County Council to provide all our services in this great, historic city.  We cover nearly 40km2 of Oxford including the city centre, and so if you live within this operating zone, which covers all compass points of Oxford, you can register to have your own Voi. Especially handy during the busy tourist season when Voi is in great demand.

Long term rental fee for Oxford: £65 per month